.:: Props ::.

These are all props intended for use in Poser4 or higher. I don't claim to be the best out there at making props. My strength is with the character morphs and poses, not modelling, but I am learning, and, hopefully, improving. Slowly. :)

So, if there are problems with the objects, chalk it up to inexperience, and if you find something specific that needs to be fixed or whatever, do NOT hesitate to email me or PM me or something and let me know about it. Or if you know how I could do something better, please feel free to let me know. I'm still learning how to model, and I am definitely open to constructive comments.

If you're having trouble getting a particular download for some reason, contact me and we'll figure something out to get it to you. Forums, e-mail, or PM's are all good ways to get ahold of me.

16 Point Star Prop
The Wall
Wood Basics
The Bucket
Stone Temple
Butterfly Lattice
Old Wooden Bucket
Simple Wagon
Room of Pillars
Trash Can
Trash Can
The Casket
Caris's Toybox
Floor 01
Room and Door
Oval Table
The Long Walk
Heart Jewelry for the Girls
Children's Play Blocks
Walnut Dresser
COF Coffee Mug Prop for Poser
COF Coffee Mug Prop for Daz Studio
COF Beaded String for Poser
COF Beaded String for Daz Studio
DS Mats for Luna's Playthings
COF Morphing Strip Cloth (DS)
COF Morphing Strip Cloth (Poser)
COF Hanging Letter Holder (DS)