.:: Trash Can #2 ::.

COF Trash Can 2

COF Trashcan2
COF Trashcan2

.:: Description ::.
This is just a rounded-style trash can prop, like the metal ones you can find in many homes.
It is very low-poly, I'd reccommend it for use as background filler, not close-up rendering.

2 Objects - a lid, and the base.
Default textures use P5+ procedural materials.

PLEASE NOTE : This prop uses Procedural Textures.
While you CAN use the prop itself in Poser 4, the textures will ONLY work in Poser 5+.

Added: 07.02.2008
Type: Props (PP2, PNG)
Requires: Poser 4 (Poser 5+ for the procedural textures)
Size : 71 kbs
Series : No

Download Trash Can Prop Here.
Download Blank Texture Templates Here.