.:: Children's Play Blocks ::.

Children's Play Blocks

Caris's Toybox
Caris's Toybox
Caris's Toybox
Caris's Toybox

.:: Description ::.
These are a set of alphabet and number play blocks for your Poser/DS kiddies.
They come in a variety of bright, children's colors.
Presets are included with 'groups' of the blocks together as well.

There are poser prop (.PP2) presets for each letter (A-Z), and number (o-9).
Texture templates are included along with the 36 texture maps.

File is considered as Poser 5+ due to being arranged in sub-folders and using ambient occlusion.
There is a folder for the Alphabet, one for Numbers, and one for the preset groups.

Added: 30.11.2012
Type: Props (PP2, PNG)
Requires: Poser 5+
Size : 14.9 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.