.:: Coffee Cup/Mug For Daz Studio ::.

COF Coffee Mug for Daz Studio

.:: Description ::.
This is just a very basic, very simple coffee cup/mug type of prop for Daz Studio.
It was produced in Hexagon this time, instead of Wings, with the help of Kathaera's tutorials over on DeviantArt.
I wound up UVMapping the object in Steve Cox's UVMapper, though, as Hexagon's uvmapping function does not yet make sense to me. (I'll get there... LOL)

The mug comes in a single prop object, with 10 DS-specific materials to apply to it.
So, you have ten colors, which are intended to somewhat mimic a stoneware type of mug.
It's not perfect by any means, but it's the first object to come out of Hexagon with me and be functional, and not look too bad at all.

Added: 12.09.2014
Type: Daz Studio Prop (.duf, .jpg)
Requires: None
Size : 2.17 mbs
Series : No.

Download Here.