.:: Morphing Butterfly Lattice ::.

Butterfly Lattice

.:: Description ::.
Okay, well, this was done in Wings3D, and it happened by pure accidental dumb luck. :)
Note to self : Be careful when clicking 'mirror' in Wings...LOL

Anyhow; I kept the object, took it into Poser, and wound up with a prop.

I don't know how much good it will be, or if anyone would even want it, but there it is.
As it was a semi-unimportant object at the time, I experimented on it with magnets and wound up with a prop that has some morphs. There are 8 total.

Do yourself a favour, and don't turn them TOO far past the 1.000 setting on the dials,
or you may be in for some nasty mesh tears and the like.

1.000 is the strongly reccommended setting.

The shape rather reminded me of a butterfly, the latticework in the mesh included,
hence the name of the object. :p (Aye, so my mind works in crazy ways. On well.)

The wood texture shown in the promo image here is included, though it's not that great and I'm sure some of you could probably make a much nicer texture for it ... LOL.

Added: 27.01.2005
Type: Prop
Requires: Poser 4+
Size : 592 kbs
Series : No

Download Here.