.:: Heart Jewelry For The Girls ::.

Heart Jewelry For The Girls

Colour Options For the Jewelry

.:: Description ::.
This is a set of jewelry - a necklace and earrings - for your Poser girls.
It comes with 14 colours, and is parented for 9 female figures.
It's my first actual 'wearable' model, so be nice! LOL
There are some issues - the earrings don't look quite 'right' in closeup
because I screwed up modelling the chains - they're too small.

Also, the heart on the necklace and the hearts on the earrings don't morph or sway,
because frankly, I don't know how to make them do that yet. I haven't a clue how
to take a prop into the setup room and convert it to a poseable figure!

So this is a 'take it or leave it, it comes as is' sort of prop.
Maybe you'll find some uses for it. Maybe not. It's the first
attempt I've made at anything wearable, so it's not top quality, but I tried! LOL

The figures it's parented to are :
Girl 4, V4, V3, A3, SP3, Laura, Preteen Girl, Maddie, PS Girl

Sorry, I don't have A4 and can't spend the money to get her,
so you'll have to do the parenting for A4 yourself I'm afraid.

Added: 17.09.2009
Type: Props (PP2, PNG, RSR)
Requires: Poser 4
Size : 8.2 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.