.:: COF Morphing Strip Cloth for Poser ::.

COF Morphing Strip Cloth for Poser

.:: Description ::.
What is this? It's a very basic, low-poly modeled prop intended to be used
as a random bits-or-bobs for hanging off of hair, bandages, or whatever you might need a little strip of cloth dangling off of.
There are a bunch of morphs on the prop. The morphs spin to both positive and negative values.
Bear in mind, however, that the mesh WILL break if you turn the dials too far in either direction.

Notes :
This object is not - I repeat, NOT - uvmapped!
As such, it will NOT accept image-based textures,
Nor will it do well with image-based shaders.
It can accept very BASIC shaders ONLY.

Included Files :
- 1 DS prop file (.duf format)

Required Products :
DS 4+ for the prop files

Added: 09.11.2015
Type: Props (.duf)
Size : 176 kbs
Series : No

Download Here.