.:: 16-Point Star Base Prop ::.

16 Point Star Base Prop

Star Morph Preview
Star Morph Preview

.:: Description ::.
This is just a 16-pointed star base prop sort of thing. I'm sure some of you will find uses for it in ways not intended. LOL
There is one texture map, one bump map, and a blank texture map in the zip for those who prefer to make their own as well.

2 Material Zones - the center circle, and the points on the outer ring.
4 Morphs - Star Up, Star Down, Star Twist, and Star Twist 2, will alter the shape and position of the centre circle a bit.

Textures and bump are standard .jpg image-based, so this prop CAN be used within Poser 4 with no problems.
File types are : .pp2, .png, .jpg
Texture & Bump Map are 2400x2400 pixels each.

Added: 13.01.2008
Type: Props (.PP2, .PNG)
Requires: N/A
Size : 1.33 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.