.:: Characters ::.

Most of these characters are morphs-only (no textures included). While most of them are for the Generation 3's, I also have a few in here that are for the Gen4's. My legacy items for Victoria 2 are also still here, and are not going to go anywhere. I am hoping to be able to start supporting Genesis with some morphed characters soon, as well. I'm still learning Studio, though, so Genesis morphs might be a while yet.

Standard legal terms here - free for personal use, if you want to use these commercially, I DO insist that you ASK me first. I don't bite hard, promise. :) Free to use non-commercially, commercial use MUST contact me FIRST, and DO NOT redistribute the packages in any way, shape, or form.

If you're having trouble getting a particular download for some reason, contact me and we'll figure something out to get it to you. Forums, e-mail, or PM's are all good ways to get ahold of me.

Rayne V2
Rayne V3
Kyo Konta
Leesee Pamiuqtuq
John Grey-Crow
Rae'fynn Amolyn
Richard Deltham
Trick For V3
Bridgette SP3
Liung M4
Nathan Tlaloc
DS Mats for Nathan Tlaloc
COF Hannah Moonriver for Genesis
Blake Nightwind for Genesis 1
Nathaniel for M4
Alma for Dawn Poser Version
Alma for Dawn Daz Studio Version
Digital Souls : Xin for M4
Digital Souls : Tynesha for V4
Digital Souls : Henry for M4
Digital Souls : Lynne for V4
Digital Souls : Kendra for Genesis 1