.:: Rayne V3 ::.


.:: Description ::.
Okay, there's a lot into this one.
This version is for Victoria 3; and it's my first for V3,
so if anyone runs into any problems with the INJ/REM files, please, please let me know ... thanks.

The contents are as follows :

INJ/REM for the face
INJ/REM for the body
INJ/REM for both at once
MAT for the head, with tattoo
MAT for the body, with tatoo
MAT for the head, no tattoo
MAT for the body, no tattoo
MAT for the eyes
transmap for eyelashes
4 additional full-body poses
1 zeroing pose to return V3 to her default pose

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They do contain nudity, so consider yourself warned.

Added: 21.08.2005
Type: Textures, Face & Body
Requires: Vic3, Head & Body Morph packs, P4+
Size : 1.52 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.