.:: COF Nathaniel M4 ::.

COF DS Lynne for V4

COF Nathaniel M4
COF Nathaniel M4
COF Nathaniel M4
COF Nathaniel M4

.:: Description ::.
Nathaniel is a complete texture and morph package for Daz3D's Michael 4.0 and Morphs++.
You do need both of those packages to be able to use him fully.

He can be everything ranging from a good schoolboy to a leathers-and-spikes bad boy,
to an other-world or supernatural human, all depending on what options you choose to use.

Please Note : DAZ STUDIO USERS :
This package has NOT been tested in Studio.
Nathaniel uses a BUMP setting in the Poser Materials room.
You will probably need to adjust the strength of this setting or he may not appear quite right to you.

Included Files :
* 10 Eye Textures
* 8 Face Textures
* 6 Torso Textures
* 1 Default/Base Texture
* Head INJ/REM
* Body INJ/REM
* Full INJ/REM

Required Prodocuts :
Michael 4 (Daz)
M4 Morphs++ (Daz)

Added: 22.09.2013
Type: Morph and Texture Poses (.PNG, .PZ2, .JPG)
Size : 15 mbs
Series : No

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