.:: Bridgette for Stephanie Petite ::.


.:: Description ::.
This girl's name is Bridgette. She's a morph for Stephanie Petite (or SP3 as she's commonly called).
You need SP3's head & body morphs in order to use Bridgette.
There are NO TEXTURES in this file. Just her morphs.

The contents are as follows :

INJ/REM for the face
INJ/REM for the body
INJ/REM for both at once
PNG Thumbnails
1 Zero'd Body Pose
5 Body Poses for SP3

Added: 20.09.2009
Type: Morphs, Face & Body, Poses
Requires: SP3, Head & Body Morph packs, P4+
Size : 188 kbs
Series : No

Download Here.