.:: Hannah Moonriver for Genesis 1 ::.

Hannah Moonriver for Genesis

Hannah Moonriver Shape Comparison
Hannah Moonriver Poses
Hannah Moonriver Poses
Hannah Moonriver for Genesis

.:: Description ::.
Hannah Moonriver is a Genesis 1 shape preset.
She is supposed to be somewhere in the age range of 13-16 years old, and I did attempt to reflect that with her shape, size, and proportions.
Her morphs loosely mimic a Pacific Northwest tribe of American Indians that I'm familiar with, though you can always use any texture that you wish with her morphs.

Included Files :
INJ/REM for Hannah's shape (.duf format)
1 Zeroing Pose (.duf format)
5 Full Body Poses (.duf format)

When using Hannah's full body poses, please MAKE SURE that you click the !ZERO All! before applying the next pose.
One of the poses seems to do weird things to Genesis' body rotation if you don't do this.

Additionally, I'd like to mention that in Hannah's case, she comes with ONLY a full-body character preset.
There are NO TEXTURES included in this file!

I usually try to supply both upper and lower partial INJ/REM's, but that was not possible to do with Hannah,
so she comes as ONLY a full head-and-body character shape preset for Genesis.
Multiple morph packages for Genesis were used to achieve Hannah's shape,
so please, PLEASE... READ the list of required products below, BEFORE you download her!

The various morph packs, which are needed for her shape preset to work, are NOT NEEDED for her body poses to be functional.
If you do not have the various morph packs listed, you CAN still make use of the 5 Genesis poses that I have included!

Required Products:
Daz Studio (Or DSON-capable version of Poser)
Genesis 1 (Daz)
Genesis Evolution : Head Morphs (Daz)
Genesis Evolution : Body Morphs (Daz)
Young Teens 5 Julie (Daz)
Ethnicity for Genesis : Asian (Daz)
Ethnicity for Genesis : Native American (Daz)
G4 and F4 for Genesis (Daz)

Added: 10.09.2014
Type: Morphs, Body Poses (.duf, .png)
Size : 533 kbs
Series : No

Download Here.