.:: Nathan Tlaloc For M4 ::.

Nathan Tlaloc for M4

Tlaloc Details
Tlaloc Details
Tlaloc Details
Tlaloc Details

.:: Description ::.
His name is Nathan Falling-Eagle Tlaloc. He's a Native American morph preset and full texture set for Michael 4.
There are multiple eye options, scars, and wounds.
There are two types of morph presets, one that uses the Morphs++ package only, and one that uses the Elite and Hiro4 packs.
There are also partial-MATs for the texture options as well.

Note, and Disclaimer:
For some reason that I cannot figure out, the morphs are not functioning interchangeably.
If you use one set of morphs, you'll need to load in a new M4 figure to use the other, or they won't load correctly.

In Other Words:
1.) Load M4
2.) Load Elite/H4 morph INJs.
3.) Load the Elite/H4 REMs.
4.) All Elite/H4 INJ/REMs will work fine on this figure.
5.) DELETE, or ADD another M4 to the scene.
6.) Load Morphs++ INJ's.
7.) Load Morphs++ REM's.
All Morphs++ INJ/REM's will work fine on the second figure.

File Contents :
26 MAT Files
8 Eye Textures
4 Limbs Textures
4 Torso Textures
4 Head Textures
1 Lash Transmap
1 Teeth/Gums Texture
PNG Thumbnails
Elite/H4 INJ/REM for the head
Elite/H4 INJ/REM for the body
Elite/H4 INJ/REM for both at once
Morphs++ INJ/REM for the head
Morphs++ INJ/REM for the body
Morphs++ INJ/REM for both at once

Added: 11.06.2013
Type: Morphs, Face & Body, Textures
Michael 4, M4 Morphs++, M4 Elite Body Shapes,
Hiro4 Base, Poser 4+
Size : 14.9 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.