.:: COF Digital Souls : Lynne For V4 ::.

COF DS Lynne for V4

COF DS Lynne V4
COF DS Lynne V4
COF DS Lynne V4

.:: Description ::.
Lynne is a character morph for Victoria 4 and her extended morph packages.
The extended packages are required because of the dial settings.
Lynne's head morph uses a little bit of G4 in it, and her body morph uses a little bit of A4.
The genital morph makes use of the Elite dial.

NO TEXTURES are included in this product.
Pick your poison and have fun.

I call these "Digital Souls", because each morph seems to take on a life of his or her own as I'm producing them.
Thus, they are alive and have a soul of their own, even if only on the screen.

Included Files :
* Head INJ/REM
* Body INJ/REM
* Full INJ/REM

Required Prodocuts :
Victoria 4 (Daz)
V4 Morphs++ (Daz)
V4 Elite Morphs (Daz)
Aiko 4 (Daz)
The Girl 4 (Daz)

Added: 22.02.2013
Type: Morph Poses (.PNG, .PZ2)
Size : 424 kbs
Series : Yes (COF Digital Souls)

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