.:: Uncategorized Clothing ::.

Textures for various clothing items can be found here. Please make sure you read to find out what clothing items the textures are for and make certain you have the clothes. If you do not, these textures will not be of any use to you.

If you're having trouble getting a particular download for some reason, contact me and we'll figure something out to get it to you. Forums, e-mail, or PM's are all good ways to get ahold of me.

M3 Ulu Parka Texture
White Gold For AerySoul Justice
5 Colours for Elven Strapped
M3 Casual Styles for Everyday Wear
M3 Casual Styles for Everyday Wear 2
Red Black for AerySoul Justice
Celestial for Arkana
China Red For SP3 Desolation Earth Nomads
Dragon Mosaic for Poser World Cheongsam-2
Chinese Silks for Poser World Cheongsam-2
Pink-Gold For Malvada V4
Royal Purple For Malvada V4
COF Village Freebie
COF Brown and Green for Teen Swag
Wynter Sox for Fisty's Free Ankle Socks
COF Genesis Christmas Turtleneck
COF Christmas Turtleneck for Dawn and Dusk
COF Village Variety
COF After 5 - 3Delight Materials
COF Every Man's Closet for Uzilite M401

.:: Texture Groups & Series ::.

The links below will lead to various clothing textures that were done in a series or groups. Things like all the textures for the C.I.S. Trenchcoat, or the various Lirio dress styles, or the various Camoflauge styles, etc. Click the THUMBNAILS to get to the page for that particular theme, NOT THE TEXT.

The page will open in a new window and display all the various items there for download. I apologize for the excess of clicking, but I didn't know how else to re-categorize my Clothing section and it was getting to be far too unwieldy due to the number of thumbnails on the page. I couldn't just recategorize by figure because I do have some things - such as the winter MARPAT series - that goes across multiple figures. So I did it this way.


Daz's M3 C.I.S. Trenchcoat Sets

CIS Trenchcoat Styles

V4 Daz Lirio Sets

Lirio V4 Sets

Male Shadowdancer Sets
(Not including the Winter MARPAT)

SD Male Sets

Winter MARPAT Sets

Winter MARPAT Sets

Maddie's Party Dress Sets

Maddie's Party Dress Sets