.:: Amanda Hopkins for Victoria 4.x ::.

Amanda Hopkins for V4

Amanda Hopkins
Amanda Hopkins
Amanda Hopkins

.:: Description ::.
She comes with these options listed below...
(all details in the readme, which I STRONGLY advise you to read before unzipping her in your runtime)

V4 & A4 Head/Body morphs & reset V4 morph Inj
(The reset is to zero all morph targets bact to default V4)
"Amanda's special morph" Inj & Rem
2 bare body textures (pubic hair & no pubic hair)
3 second skin body textures
4 head textures (1 bare & 3 makeup)
6 eye colors

1 Wet Hair texture & mat pose (requires "Wet Hair" for V4 from DAZ, which you can get HERE.

1 Celile Hair "short hair" mat pose (requires "Celile Hair" by Bice & Outoftouch which you can find HERE.

She's a face in the crowd, you see her in your home town.
She's cute with a nice personality, she's innocent, she's petite and naturally today's normal size.
She's all natural, she's... the girl next door!

You may wonder why I gave her a last name. There's a story behind the names here.
"Amanda" was my first crush, she was friendly and we talked and hugged a lot but never kissed. We were only 7 & 8.
"Hopkins" is the last name of my first girlfriend Karleen Hopkins.
Amanda Hopkins's face consist of both girl's feature in ways.
She's got Amanda's eyes and nose, and Karleen's lips and cheeks.
Not sure how they look these days, but they were about the same height as I was.
(Yea, I'm only 5'6" now), so my character's "petite" and "natural size to date".
A lot of people are shorter these days.

Thumbnails marked with the letter "N" lead to images that contain nudity.

Artist : JamminWolfie
Added: 24.05.2008
Type: Characters, Textures (PZ2, PNG, JPG)
Requires: V4.x, Morphs++
Size : 14.1 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.