16:05 EST
I've added a new item to the site. It's a small little utility download - 3Delight materials for Bluebird3D's "After 5" outfit for G3M. The outfit is available on Daz. All this item does, is give you folks who render in 3Delight some slightly improved 3DL materials to work with. I found that the ones the product came with were a little too shiny for my liking, so I made my own material settings, and I figured that some other folks might find them helpful as well, so I've included them in the site here.

The material presets are distributed in .DUF format, so they are DS 4.x only. They can be found in the LEFT hand side navmenu, in the CLOTHING category. New items are always added towards the bottom of the page, so you'll need to scroll down to find the thumbnail. Enjoy, and I hope they help someone out.

04:18 EST
Okay, so I've been doing a bunch of little updates to the site here tonight. I'm in flux at the moment, moving my old Content Paradise items around. Some of them are going into my freebies, while others I intend to polish off a bit more and move them over to my HiveWire store instead.

At the moment, I have moved Nathaniel M4 (Mike4 skin+morph)and the old Village Variety for Evil Innocence's Village Girl dress, into their appropriate places on the website. Nathaniel can be found in the CHARACTERS section in the LEFT HAND side navigation menu. Village Variety can be found in the LEFT HAND side navmenu in the CLOTHING section. Both items will require you to scroll. I add "new" content to the bottom of each of my category pages. Sorry, but that's just the simplest thing to do with my website.

I have also - FINALLY! - gotten the Christmas Sweater from the Fantasy Attic's Christmas Giveaway this past December converted to fit HiveWire's Dusk and Dawn. You can also find this in the CLOTHING section on the LEFT HAND side nav-menu. This is a conversion of the Genesis sweater that was released during the giveaway, and it retains all of the original morphs and UV's of that version. You do not need to have the Genesis version for this one to work, as it operates independently. Like the Genesis version, though, this is a Daz Studio only item, as I am not able to create rigged conformers for Poser. Sorry.

I have also added a new tutorial the website recently. I am beginning the process of converting some of my forum-written tuts and mini-tuts into proper PDF formats for distribution, and there is now a PDF tutorial available on how to save Pose Presets in Daz Studio. You can find it in the TUTORIALS category on the LEFT HAND SIDE nav-menu.

There will be other updates to the website coming soon as well as I continue to move things around where they belong, and get the stuff uploaded that I've been meaning to add to the site for some time now.

10:00 EST
I've added a couple of new pose sets to the website here. They are utility poses. It's just a collection of 17 partial and full reset (Zero) poses for M4, V4, and K4. I've got two more sets of these utility poses in progress at the moment - one for the Generation 3 figures (V3, M3, etc), and one for the Genesis 1 figure. The utility poses can be found in the LEFT hand side navigation menu under "Poses." I find that these are useful tools when building poses, as they allow me to reset just specific body parts without sacrificing the entire pose, and I figure that someone else might find them useful as well. So, here they are. Enjoy. :)

19:00 EST
I have added a couple of new tutorials to the Tutorials section of the website here. Both of these came out of discussions that were happening over on the HiveWire forums. I ended up putting them together to help out some new-to-DS users, and Sanbie and SkyLab were kind enough to assist with converting my message board dribbles into a coherent PDF format for others to make use of.

Also, since the Fantasy Attic's Christmas giveaway for 2015 is now completed, and those items have been moved into their Attic Free Zone's Christmas 2015 Page, I have now also cross-posted the Genesis Christmas sweater that I made for the giveaway to my CLOTHING section on the website here. This sweater fits Genesis 1, G2F, G2M, G3F, and G3M figures, and has multiple textures, material zones, opacity options, and adjustment/fitting morphs as well.

I updated some other miscellaneous pages on the website today as well. I will eventually be removing the Content Paradise store link, as I have closed my CP storefront. Some of those items will end up coming into my freebies, others will be gone over and submitted to HiveWire. At this time, I intend to be selling exclusively only through HiveWire.

Please enjoy, and have fun!

14:07 EST
So, obviously the website is back! Sorry about the brief outage, but all is back up and running again. :)

I've added two more downloads to the site today. They are a pack of utility zero poses for Hivewire's Dawn, Dusk, and Luna. They come in both Daz Studio and Poser versions, so make sure you download the correct one for your software. Note : If you are a DS 3.x user, you will need to get the Poser version of the files as well, as DS 3.x cannot use the .duf format files that DS 4+ uses.

As always, you can find the files from the LEFT hand side navigation menu. Click on "Poses" and you should see the new thumbnails on that page. Enjoy!

08:05 EST
Hey, folks. This is just an update to give you a little advanced warning. My website is going to most likely go down for about a week. We ran into some unexpected/unplanned, and frankly, undesired expenses this month, which all had to come out of this past week's paycheck. And of course, the hosting bill for the website was due on the 27th of November.

I will get the hosting bill paid and bring the site back online as quickly as I'm able, but it will probably be down for about a week. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up so there's no questions or wondering about what happened. The site definitely will come back... it's just going to take about a week vacation. :) In the meantime, you can still get my items through my ShareCG account, which is located here : Childe of Fyre on ShareCG Or, if you prefer, you can get a more limited selection of my items from my DeviantArt account as well, which is located here : Childe of Fyre on DeviantArt.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and I'll have the site back up as soon as possible!

23:50 EST
I've just added three more items to my freebies tonight. A hanging letter/magazine holder, of the type that you might find in a home or business office environment. There is also a morphing strip of cloth in both Poser and DS versions. The strip cloth is just a rectangular "strip" with a bunch of morphs on it for twisting, pulling the corners, etc. All three items are intended as background or scene-filler items. They would never really hold up well to a close-angle render. You can find them in the LEFT hand side navigation menu, under "PROPS." As with all of my category pages, newer items are at the bottom of the page, so make sure you scroll down to the bottom to find them.

15:35 EST
A friend of mine over on DeviantArt recently expressed difficulty in using the GenX plugin for DazStudio.
I put together a tutorial for her to help out, and since the plugin was recently in Daz's FastGrab sale category, I figured I might as well post the tutorial publically, as others might perhaps find it helpful as well.

The tutorial covers the following items :
Converting from a Gen3 or Gen4 figure to Genesis or the G2's
Converting from Genesis to a G2
Converting from a G2 to Genesis
Converting morph dials only from one figure to a Genesis or G2.

I included the tutorial in two different formats. One format is a written .rtf document that should open fine in most any word processor. The other format is annotated screenshots. I do not have any plans to convert this to PDF format. I included the two different formats because some folks learn better by reading text, others learn better by seeing, and some folks need both formats. All files are contained inside of a zip file, and the screenshot version is a series of .jpg images. These images are numbered numerically, so there should not be any confusion in following along with them.

The written format includes a lot of extra information that is not in the screenshots, so choose the format that will best suit your learning style. If you want just the very basics of how-to, then study the jpg images, they will do that for you. If you want the step-by-step along with my own personal notes and observations, then you can sift through the written document. If you are prone to information overload, then the screenshots might be your best choice for the first run-through on the tutorial, because there is a LOT of information inside of the written document.

You can locate the tutorial over on the LEFT HAND side navigation menu.
It will be under the "Freebies--> TUTORIALS" category. Have fun, and I hope it helps. :)

12:15 EST
Well, it's been a while since I've added anything new to the site. I did a set of DS mats for Hivewire's Luna Playthings freebie. These mats do NOT add any additional textures to the product. They are strictly for DS users to apply the included stock textures in an aesthetic manner to the objects. You can find that item under PROPS on the left hand side navigation menu here on the site.

For those of you who are just getting Baby Luna, and might not be familiar with my freebies, I would like to throw out a reminder that I do also have both a toybox, and a set of children's play blocks in my props section. While these two items are older freebies, and therefore in Poser .pp2 format, they do still work inside of DazStudio 4. The playblocks (added in 2012) render fairly well even in moderately close camera angles without any tweaking. The toybox is much older (2008), and might require some TLC for the old textures, but works fine for background scene filler as-is out of the box, too. Both of these items might be useful if you're just starting to collect toys and other children-related items for your scenes.

As far as Luna's Playthings goes, it does not require Baby Luna to use, and is a freebie over on Hivewire. So, even if you don't have, or won't use Baby Luna, if you do any other children or family renders, be it the Mil3 kids, Mil2's, the Genesis 1 Baby, etc... the playthings item might still be useful for you. It's just prop objects. :)

I've also added one other item to the site tonight. That would be Nathan Tlaloc's DS-specific material presets. This is an older item, which I just realized that I had neglected to add it to my website back when I released it. It's been on ShareCG and in my DeviantArt account for some time now. So, if you've already downloaded those presets over on one of the other two sites, you don't need to download it again. I'm just now getting it posted to my website here where it belongs. LOL

Other things I currently have in the works : Still trying to finish up Sani's DS/Genesis 1 packaging. The DS-specific files will be freebies, though you will have to own Sani's M4 package in order to use his skin textures, as the material presets included in this will be calling on the M4 texture maps. He's in my store over on ContentParadise. I'm also currently working on a character for Baby Luna herself, as well as some poses for the G2F/G2M figures, and a new set of poses for Baby Luna as well. I may or may not make some new textures for the Playthings also. It's a cute set, and kiddie items are hard to come by, depending on what you're looking for.

In a nod to Looney Tunes.... that's all, folks! :) Have fun!

20:30 EST
Hi, folks. I wanted to just post a quick note up here. Windigo cued me into some missing data files on both the coffee cup, and my beaded string objects. This only effected the Daz Studio version of the props. I have updated both items' zip files to include these missing files, so if you have downloaded either of the items in the past, please re-download in order to get the missing data files. Thanks, and sorry about the packaging goof ups!

06:30 EST
Hello. There's a new prop available on the site here. It comes in both a Poser and a DS version, so make sure you download the correct one. It's just a little string of beads, intended to be hung off of hair objects, headbands, bracelets, belts, bags, whatever you feel like hanging it off of. It includes some movement morphs, and both the texture map as well as the UVMap in case you want to make your own textures for your use. Have fun with it. =) It's located in PROPS over in the LEFT hand side navigation menu. The download link will be at the bottom of the item's page. Enjoy!

03:20 EST
So, I've added another freebie. It's probably an overdue item, but it's up finally. It's a pose set for Genesis. It occurred to me recently, that I never got around to making a Despair pose package for Genesis. I've covered the vast majority of other commonly used figures, so, I decided that I should make a Genesis package as well.

I might yet do a pack of these for the G2's, but I'm not currently working on it at this time. The G2 packages will be a little while yet. I'm still familiarizing myself with the figures, and I do not have a lot of content for either the male or the female, nor the finances to set myself up with a good content library for either one of them. Daz could afford to slow down a little insofar as the release of the newest, "latest, greatest" figure lines. LOL

Anyway. You all can find the Genesis Despair poses over in the LEFT hand side navigation menu. Click on Poses. Now, because the Despair series was so large, it was over-dominating my Poses page, so I made a secondary category on my Poses page. Click on the "Despair Series" thumbnail, and the Genesis set will be at the end of the list of all the other Despair pose packs that I have posted to the website.

I apologize for the convoluted navigation to get to the package, but at the moment, it is the best way to handle it. There were just too many thumbnails bogging the Poses page down otherwise. It should be pretty self explanatory once you get to the Poses page; just scroll down past the main group of thumbs is all.

Have fun with the poses, folks.

04:25 EST
There's a new freebie available as of tonight! It's a shape preset with some poses for Genesis 1. Blake is an American Indian morph, and contains INJ/REM files to inject and remove his shape from Genesis, and he contains 5 full body poses for Genesis 1. You can find him over in Characters, in the LEFT hand side navigation menu. Have fun, folks!

17:10 EST
I've added a new freebie to the website tonight. This time it's a texture package for Fisty's free Genesis ankle socks over on ShareCG. There are 26 textures in all, a mix between solid colors, and a variegated yarn type of colors. The textures are done on a winter/heavy knit sock type of theme. I do have some other textures planned for these, as I'd like to do some kid's patterns, and some that are aimed more at the guys. What's in there could be used for anyone, but some of them clearly would not be worn by most guys. Unless he likes that sort of thing. =) You can find them under CLOTHING in the LEFT hand side navigation menu. The download link is at the bottom of the item's page. Click the item thumbnail to get to it.

01:40 EST
Alright. Well, since I've gotten the texture maps fixed on the mug now, I've also uploaded the Daz Studio specific version of the prop. The DS version has a single mug prop, and 10 DS-specific materials, which were built inside of DS. So no worries, it's not an over-specularized Poser MAT conversion. I promise. =)

You can find the DS coffee cup over in the LEFT hand side navigation menu. Click on PROPS, and click the thumbnail for the DS version. Download link is at the bottom of the item's page. Have fun with it, I know it's not a great model, but it might be good for lightweight background filler. Enjoy, and if you have any questions with the item, feel free to contact me, as always.

17:15 EST
Hello again! I've added another freebie to the website here. This time, it's a shape preset for Daz Studio's Genesis 1 figure. Her name is Hannah Moonriver, and she's a fiesty, stubborn little teenager. =) She also comes with 5 full body poses, and a zero'ing pose. You can find her over there on the LEFT hand side navigation menu in the Characters section. She'll be at the bottom of the list, where my new items always appear.

17:45 EST
I've been doing some more work in Hexagon lately. I've had the program for quite a while, but have never really been able to get a grasp on the interface or the functions. I always seem to wind up going back to Wings for my modelling. I've recently found some decent tutorials for Hexagon, and I've gotten back into the program, and playing around with it.

The result of my last session in Hex, was a simple coffee cup/mug type of prop. It's been uvmapped and textured, and I've posted up here on my website, and over on ShareCG as well, for those of you who don't like my website navigation. It comes in ten colors. I will be posting a DS-specific version soon. I'm still tweaking the DS materials on the mug. Once that's done, the DS version of the prop will go up as well.

Have fun with it. =) You can find it in PROPS over on the left-hand side navigation menu. Just scroll down to the bottom, as my newer items appear at the bottom of the list, not the top.

21:45 EST
I've added another freebie to the website. It's a brown and green texture set for the overshirt and undershirt from Daz's Teen Swag package. You can find it by clicking on "Clothing" in the LEFT hand side navigation menu. The thumbnail will be right on the page that loads into this frame. Only the overshirt and undershirt are textured. I did not texture anything else from the set, though I might do more textures for the package, depending on the community's response to this one. I hope you all have fun with it. =) As always, if there's any questions, my contact data can be found in the Readme file.

08:20 EST
There's been another update to the site! I've been quietly selling a few things over on Content Paradise since 2011. I haven't blown too many horns about it, the stuff has just simply been there. It's made some decent sales for someone who is not an established vendor, but it's mainly just been a little extra cash in the wallet every so often. Part of that, I'm sure, is because I simply just do not charge much for the items I sell there. The other part is.. yep, marketing and advertising, which I am not very good at, nor do I do a lot of it. I also don't produce at the rapid rate that the established vendors do, plus I've been on an unintended leave of absence for quite some time.

I do have some items planned, and a couple of items in the works to go up over on my storefront, now that I'm back. A few things for the Gen4's, and once I can get a handle on it, maybe some stuff for Genesis 1 as well. These will be a little bit while I get them produced, and work the kinks out, but yes, I will be adding more items to what I currently have in the store there. No, I don't plan to abandon my freebies. That is NOT going to happen. Freebies are just as important, and I generally try to do one or two freebies for every paid item I produce. So no worries there!

So.... since getting back, and once I had the Genesis 1 pose package posted up to my freebies, I took another look at my website overall. This stuff will probably never earn me enough to support ourselves on, but I figured I could do with at least a LITTLE more visibility for my store, here on my website.

So, with that being said... if you haven't seen what I sell over on CP, take a look at the new link at the top of my navigation bar over there on the left-hand side. I've added a store page. It looks like all of my freebie pages, but instead of a download link at the bottom of the page, there's a link to the item's purchase page over on Content Paradise.

I know, I know... "But CP downloads expire after you buy them!"

Sure they do, after a year or so if you haven't purchased the extended download service for your items. With that, I think you get another year or two on the expiration date. But if you've ever bought one of my paid-for items from CP, and you need to re-download it for whatever reason after the download has expired in your account, you can still get a copy, WITHOUT re-buying the item. Just send me an e-mail, or a PM through the Daz forums containing your Content Paradise username, and the name of the item you purchased, and I'll send the file to you again once I've verified the purchase.

You don't have to re-purchase anything that you've bought from me. =) I keep records of the sales, and I keep copies of the products stored in multiple places. It's always there if you need to re-download it, and without wasting the money to re-purchase an item you've already bought from me. That just seems silly to me. The market standard for these stores is that once an item is bought, the download link stays in your account and remains active for basically... forever. I see no reason to break from that standard, so if your CP download ever expires, and you need to re-download one of my items that you've bought in the past, just contact me with the request and the information I mentioned above, and I will make sure you get another copy of it.

And because I really, REALLY hate advertising and marketing, that will be the last I'll say on the subject on this page. =)

16:30 EST
I apologize for my unscheduled extended leave of absence, folks. I had been limping along on a 15 year old fossil of a laptop for about a year, and I was inching along on a 10 year old dinosaur of a desktop rig before that. About a year ago, both of my rigs bought the farm. The CMOS battery and the RAM sticks both burnt out in my desktop rig, and my laptop rig chewed up it's video card, leaving me with no computer at all for quite some time. This is why my productivity came to such a screeching halt. I did not leave 3D, I just didn't have a functional rig with which to work.

Well, I was finally able to purchase a new machine recently! Finally, after just over a year! Yay! And that means... I'm back! I'm dealing with Windows 8, but I've managed to get GIMP running since the OS flatly refuses to run my favored Corel Photopaint 8, and I cannot afford the astronomical price of the current CorelDraw x7 suite, nor will I pay that kind of money when I only want Photopaint. LOL

So. Explanations out of the way now. I've got DS up and running, and Poser up and running again. 12 gigs of RAM is really sweet to work with, incidentally. I've never had more than 2 gigs at any one time! The result of all this new computer stuff is... finally, after over a year, I have put together a new freebie! It's a post package for the Genesis 1 figure, and you can find it over in the left-hand side navigation menu under "Poses." Have fun with it, folks. I hope it works okay. This is the first DS-native pose package I've released, so if you see any major problems with the file, please don't hesitate to contact me. (My contact info is in the product Read-me.)

07:05 EST
Alright. Wow, it's been some months since I last added anything to this site. It's been insane. Anyway... Nathan Tlaloc is FINALLY posted! To the folks who have been so very patiently waiting for him over on the Daz forums - thank you for being so patient. I'm sorry he took me so long to finish up.

Click on "Characters" in the navigation menu on the LEFT side to find his thumbnail.
The download link will be at the bottom of the page that loads from the thumbnail.

I also have a couple of (after this package, MUCH simpler! LOL), items that I'm working on as well.
I'm not sure when exactly they will be up, but they will be eventually.

17:40 EST
And I've added another item to the site. This time it's just a simple static Poser prop - a clothes dresser, like what you'd keep your clothing in. Nothing fancy, it has one simple texture to go with it. I did include the texture template for those of you who might want to make your own textures for it. You can find it in the PROPS section on the left hand side navigation menu.

I have also started to sell some things over on Content Paradise. I don't have a lot up there, and I do post my freebies over there also, some of them - but if you're interested, you can take a look at what's there. Just pull up Childe of Fyre from their sellers list.

NO, this does NOT mean that I am going to stop making freebies! My freebies will continue to be made, and posted up for your use, just like I've been doing for years. The CP store is just a little side thing. *shrugs* Most of what I make will continue to wind up in the freebie sections anyway.

07:45 EST
Finally, an update! I work in binges, as you know. Dry spells interspersed with periods of activity. Well, there is now a new prop available on the site. Children's Play Blocks - you can find it under "Props" on the left side navigation menu here. Scroll to the bottom of the Props page when it loads and click the thumbnail.

As with all my pages, the newer items at the bottom. It comes with textures for each of the letters and each of the numbers (A-Z, and 0-9), along with a couple of 'grouped' presets in the props library. Have fun and enjoy. =)

02:25 EST
I've finally added another freebie. I know this was a rather long hiatus, and I do apologize for that, but that does happen sometimes. I do work in binges, and unfortunately, my binge length tends to be equal to the length of the dry spell following after it. I don't know why this is, it just simply is the way things work for me. Anyway, I uploaded a texture set for Evil Innocence's "Village Girl" dress. The dress is available over in their store on RuntimeDNA.

I noticed while I was working with it recently that it has absolutely ZERO texture support. Nothing in the freebies, and nothing in the stores. And it's not like this dress comes with a lot of texture variety in the package. It has exactly one default texture and some transparency options. I love the dress, but it needed some textures for it! So... I made some.

There's 4 freebie textures for it over there to the left, in the 'Clothing' section, and I have uploaded a larger pack (14 textures) for the dress to my Content Paradise store. So if you want a little more variety for that dress, between the freebie package and the one in the store... I hope it helps!

The second texture set for the V4 Malvada dress is now up. It's a single texture, royal purple in colour theme with highlights of silver. There's a short skirt option for the inner skirt, but otherwise it's basically a single texture set only. I didn't go all-out with this one, it just kind of happened accidentally and I decided to give it away. LOL You can find it in 'Clothing' on the left-hand side navigation menu.

21:30 EST
It's been kind of a while since I've added anything or updated the website. I just uploaded a new clothing texture set. It's for the V4 Malvada outfit from Daz. I have one other package for the dress that will be added shortly, but then that's all I really plan to do with it. I wasn't overly impressed with the cloth package as a whole.

Also, I will be uploading the M3 RV poses for KPL's Motorhome, once I get the chance to get all the files together I need for it. The Malvada dress textures are in the 'Clothing' section over on the left-hand navigation menu. Those of you who own the dress - have fun with them.

23:20 EST
Alright... I finally took the time needed to sub-categorize my Clothing section. As I've done several groups or series of textures for things (such as multiple sets for the Lirio V4 dress, or winter camo sets for multiple clothing items... etc), that's how the page is organized. Texture sets that aren't in significant 'groups' or 'series', will be found at the TOP of the Clothing page. Those that ARE in a 'group' or 'series' of sets, will be found down near the BOTTOM of the page. All the clothing stuff is still in the Clothing page - there's just a re-organization of how that page is setup is all.

Sorry, guys. I know it means another click to get to the thing you want - but I didn't see a better way of handling it... so it got done this way.

16:10 EST
The third in a group of five texture packs is now posted up for Maddie's Party Dress by Porthos. You can get it through the Clothing option on the menu to your left. Yes, I know I need to re-organize the clothing page a bit - there's a lot of thumbnails on that page now and it's starting to get clunky. I'm working on it. Trying to figure out the best way to re-organize it... LOL

15:00 EST
First off, I hope everybody's having a good Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate today! LOL). And second, there's another freebie available. It's a winter knits sort of style for Maddie's Party Dress from Porthos. (The dress is a freebie!) You can get it by clicking on 'Clothing' in the left hand side navigation menu. One of these days I will re-organize my Clothing page so it's more manageable. I swear I will... LOL

20:55 EST
There's another update. Porthos released a freebie little dress for Maddie. It's adorable. In fact it was adorable enough that when I went to make a Christmas render with it, I wound up with not one, but five different texture packs for the little dress. So! The first of those five is posted up and available for download now, tonight. Hopefully I'll get the second one up tonight as well.

These first two texture packs are going to be a knit style, though the second one has a clear 'winter' type of look to it. This first one is just knits with little star decorations on them. ^_^ Enjoy, folks. Get it through the 'Clothing' link in the left hand side navigation menu. (I swear I need to sub-categorize my Clothing page like I did with my poses... it's getting unwieldy...)

Alrighty folks - there is now a bundle pack posted for the Winter MARPAT camo sets. This will allow you to get all five sets off of a single page here instead of having to run around to five different pages and downloading five different files.

It's a single zip file, which when you open it, contains all five zip files for the camoflauge pattern sets. It's a larger zip than I normally post - about 20mbs in size - but it does have all five sets in it. So for those of you who own all five clothing packs and want these textures for all five - it just got a little easier, I think.

Have fun with it, and as always, if there's any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact me. My contact information is all over the site and in every read-me file I make.

02:50 EST
The last of the Winter camo series is up and posted. It's for the Poserworld U.S. Military outfit(s). Get it by clicking 'Clothing' in the left hand side navigation menu on the site. I'm going to also be posting up a bundle-pack as well, so that those of you who have all of the outfits I've done this camo on and want the textures for all of them, can get it in a single download instead of having to hit five different pages. LOL

15:18 EST
The next one in the winter camo series is posted. This time it's the camo pattern done for the Shadowdancer Male. You can get it by clicking on 'Clothing' in the menu to your left hand side. I'm also going to be making these textures for the Poserworld Military sets as well, but that one will be a little bit as I have to get around to digging out the texture maps and actually making it. But it is coming!

23:15 EST
The next package for the winter camoflauge is posted. It's for the Shadowdancer female sets and should work with both the V3 and the A3 versions. It's in Clothing to the left in the navigation menu. I'll have the male Shadowdancer version posted up soon...

09:20 EST
The next installment on the winter-camo is posted up. This one is done for the Desert Soldier clothing from Daz for M3/H3/Freak3. To get to it, just click on 'Clothing' in the left hand navigation menu. It'll be right down there near the Nomads set. Have fun with it, folks. I've got a version coming for both the male and female Shadowdancer sets.. and I am going to probably do one for the Poserworld military clothing, too.

02:47 EST
Alrighty then - the first in a series of camoflauged textures for various sets of clothing is now up and posted. The first one to go up is the Winter MARPAT camo for Daz's Nomads clothing for A3/SP3. I have completed versions done for the Modern Desert Soldier (Daz) and both the male and female Shadowdancer sets as well (also Daz). I might also be doing this series of camo textures on the Poserworld military sets as well - we'll see, though...

You can get the texture by clicking on 'Clothing' in the left hand side navigation menu. It'll be in the thumbnails that loads when you click the link.

05:40 EST
I've added a pretty large texture package up to my Clothing section. It's for the Shadowdancer Male clothing package, and it textures everything except for the gun itself in the set. It's a fairly big download, but you get a lot of different options to play with in the set.

I've also added another freebie to Unicornst's page. Her Tahl'Far character for Michael 3 is now on her page alongside Nicholas and Liung's textures.

00:21 EST
Unicornst now has her own page on the website here. You can find Nicholas, the smooth-textures for Nicholas, and her textures for Liung all over on her page. Click on 'Unicornst' under the "Hosted" menu heading to the left hand side of the page and the thumbnails should all be right there. Thumbnails lead to the download-pages.

23:30 EST
Well, it's been a while since I've done a character. Tonight, we get Liung - he's made for Michael 4.0, and you will need to have the Morphs++ package in order to use him. Click on 'Characters' over in the left hand side navigation menu to get to him, and have fun. =)

03:10 EST
I've added another texture package for Poserworld's Cheongsam-2 dress. It's a pack of nine textures for the dress, this time with more of a 'traditional Chinese silks' type of feel to them. The dress fits a few different figures, and I may or may not release matching textures for the gloves and shoes pictured in the promos. I haven't decided yet... LOL.

You can find the dress package itself in 'Clothing' in that navigation menu on your left hand side. Remember that you DO need to own the dress itself in order to use the file... if you don't own the dress, the texture maps aren't going to be much good to you. Enjoy, folks.. have fun with it.

17:55 EST
There's a new download available. Going back to what I posted on the previous update about the children's lacking wardrobes and closets - I've done a fairly large texture package for the Poser World Cheongsam-2 dress.

The dress fits multiple female figures, including Laura, SP3, V3, MayaDoll, Aiko3. The textures it comes with just didn't seem 'asian' enough for my tastes, especially as the dress was fashioned and modelled after such a traditional Chinese style of clothing.

I have more textures coming for the dress as well, along the vein of traditional silk fabrics, but in the meantime I've got this package posted up now with a sort of eastern dragon mosaic pattern on it. Enjoy it, have fun with it. ^_^ It's in the 'Clothing' section to the left side of the website in the navigation menu.

14:00 EST
It's been a while since I've updated the site, I know. But I just got the next texture set posted for the Lirio dress for V4 from Daz. It's in the Clothing section in the left hand side navmenu.

The other things I currently have in the works : Some pose sets for various figures, texture sets for the male Shadowdancer clothing. I'm also working on some textures for some of the Mil3 preschool and preteen clothing packages as well. The children have so little in their closets!

I also recieved another email from the folks over at Poser4U. They've granted me the site of the month award for this November. Thank you, guys, I'm very flattered!

Their site is linked in the image, you should take a look over there if you haven't been there before. There's some neat websites linked, for a variety of artistic things - not just Poser websites. It's a neat collection of links.

11:40 EST
There's another texture freebie for the male Shadowdancer sets in my Clothing section. It's just two shirt textures, with varying transparency options included for length of sleeves and collars on or off. I'm still working on another complete texture setting for the clothing pack, but it's giving me fits at the moment with the final last-touch details. LOL So it might be a bit on that one.

Other things I have in the works at the moment are packaging up the remainder of the Lirio styles I made for that clothing, as well as packing up another couple of sets of poses for posting as well. I've got a few different things that are just about ready to go, but haven't been released because I haven't had the time to get them all packed up.

01:14 EST
New clothing texture added - it's a green camoflauged set for the male Shadowdancer clothes over at Daz's site. I've got a couple of miscellaneous textures coming out for that same set as well - shirts, jeans, etc. I'm also still in the process of packaging up the rest of the Lirio-V4 textures, as well. I suppose you could say I'm creation-binging again... LOL.

11:22 EST
There's a new clothing texture up - it's a chinese silks themed texture set for Daz3D's Nomads clothing for SP3. Click on Clothing in the navigation menu to your left to find it. You need SP3 and the Nomads clothing pack from Daz in order to use the textures.

01:10 EST
It's been kind of a while since I've put out a character morph. This time around, Steph Petite/SP3 decided she was going to come out and play. So, we now have Bridgette, a character morph for SP3 sitting in my 'Characters' download section. No textures, just the morphs - the usual - lots of good texture artists out there and I'm not one, so pick your poison and have fun with the morphs. ^_^

10:35 EST
I've been playing around with modelling again. I keep trying my hand at it. I'm not very good with it, but I'm still convinced that I can get there! So the result this time was a heart-shaped necklace and pair of earrings. They're static props, parented to an assortment of female Poser figures. It's nothing special, so have fun with it. It's the first "wearable" prop I've made, but hopefully it works alright! It's in the Props section in the navigation menu to your left hand side.

21:30 EST
I've added another download to my freebies. I took a break from getting the Lirio sets packaged up, and got this one packed up and uploaded in the interim. Don't worry, I still have the other Lirio-V4 sets that I'm working on. The textures for those are made, I'm just in the tedious process of packaging it all up for distribution now. But in the meantime, here's a quickie pose set that just kind of fell into my lap. I'll be uploading a version for David3 as well in the near future.

I recieved an unexpected email recently as well. I've been honoured with an award from Poser4U. I've yet to figure out what I did to earn it, LOL, but I greatly appreciate the gesture and am flattered that they thought this little dark corner in PoserLand was worth the effort. Take a glance over at their site - there are some neat websites linked over there...

02:50 EST
There are two more Lirio texture sets posted in the Clothing section of the site here. Look on the left hand side for the menus and click on Clothing to get to them. Thumbnails will load in the right frame of the site like always. I still have five other texture sets that I am currently working on making mat pose files for and getting them all zipped up.

Additionally... for those of you who normally follow my DL buttons from Renderosity to the site here : I have removed all of my gallery and all of my freebies from Renderosity's servers. I do continue to post my freebies on 3D Commune, Pretty 3D, and as always (and I think most of you come from there) on the Daz forums in the Freepozitory section.

14:10 EST
There's new downloads available. Three different texture sets for Daz3D's Lirio for V4. A red-black one, a creme and brown leather one, and an emerald and white one are all currently up for download. There are six more sets coming as I get the time between work and family to get the files all zipped up and posted for download. I only intended one set, but I seem to have stumbled into an entire rainbow of them. So if you like them - there are more on the way.

23:26 EST
Well, it's been a long time since I've added any new freebies, but I finally posted a new one up tonight. It's in the Poses section, under the Spirit Series sub-category. Spirit of Death - yes, I'll cover all the major figures like I did before, but for the moment I've just got the Victoria 3 version completed. Others will follow soon enough, I'm sure.

14:30 EST
Alrighty. It's been.. kind of a while since I've updated the site. But! I've finally gotten around to editing my Poses section. What this means for you, is the poses have been broken down into categories now, since I seem to have wound up with SO MANY of them on the page.

I'm hoping this will make scrolling in the frame a little easier in the Poses section. The non-themed poses will still be on that main page, but things like my Despair series and some other stuff I'm working on currently, will be linked to down below with a thumbnail that will take you to the page where all the poses are for that particular theme.

I did this because there was so damn many thumbnails on that page. It was getting a bit cumbersome to scroll through it. So I edited it and broke it up into themes. So hopefully this will be easier on the navigation side. If you read what's written there, you won't have any trouble finding what you're looking for...
02:25 EST
Since Daz has finally released a Generation-4 Michael (M4), I've finally gotten around to doing him a set of his own Despair poses. Hey, V4 isn't the only one that can wind up depressed! :p

As usual, you'll find the package listed in the left hand side navigation menu under 'Poses'. Just click Poses and scroll all the way down to the bottom. I really need to look at grouping my poses a bit better and soon, I think.... too darn many thumbnails on the page now... o.O

After much deliberation and thought... I decided to break with my SOP for these pose sets on the M4 package. I am NOT going to be doing a P4-specific version of the package on this set. Sorry. It's extremely tedious to go through and turn 31 thumbnails from png to rsr format for what (as far as I can tell) boils down to being a really very small end-user base.

06:10 EST
Alrighty; I've been a bit remiss in posting the updates to the site. I've been on another creation binge, what can I say? LOL There's two new props - a bridge, and an oval shaped table for Poser 5+ posted over in my 'Props' section. The menu is on your left hand side in case you didn't see it. :p Click on Props to get to the bridge and the table. They'll be on the page of thumbnails that loads into the right frame.

There's also a materials preset package for Poser 5+; they are material .mt5 files for Poser users to use. Apply via material room to whatever you want, they're made with a sort of 'wood' feeling to them, and kind of emerged out of the bridge prop I recently posted. Click on 'Misc. Texture' in the left hand side to get to the wood materials.

And tonight, we introduce Trick. LOL She's in the 'Characters' section to the left, at the bottom of the page. She's an african american morph for Victoria3. You'll need V3's head/body morphs, but you will ALSO need the International Beauties morphs from Daz in order for her figure morphs to work. If you don't have the International Beauties morph pack, you can still use the 5 regular poses that are included with the package, but the morph won't be any good to you. Don't worry - if you want to pick up the package, it IS linked in the details section under the Requirements. :p

You're welcome, Daz. LOL

Other things I currently have in the works : a texture set for M4's Valiant, and I'll be adding a Despair pose package for M4 as well before I go onto anything else. (Provided my Muse doesn't pop his head in through the doorway with the whip and demand something else out of me first...)

18:00 EST
Well, I've added another wallpaper to the wallpapers page, finally. Sorry it's been so long since I've added anything to the site. I've had kind of a lot going on offline of late - buying a house, sick kid, sick me, getting finances sorted, etcetera... so anyway! You can find the latest desktop wallpaper by clicking on "Wallpapers" in the left hand side navigation menu. Give the page a minute to load - it has to load a lot of thumbnails, and it'll be the last one down at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Other updates - I've updated the "Retrograde" Gallery - specifically the "Marauder Portrait Series" section. The other sections will still lead you to a page not found error, but the Marauder Portrait Series will now show an additional image and status updates to the other images in the series. The Marauders have been through a bit of a rough spot recently. :)

I've also updated the "Origins" gallery - as I add images to this gallery far more frequently than I can update my website here, I've simply linked the "Origins" option directly to the Origins gallery I have over on Deviant Art. Jut read/view them starting at the top left, work across to the right, then the first image on the left of the next row below it, work across that row to the right.. etc. If you do it that way, you'll get the story in chronological order and it will be a LOT more understandable and coherent than if you try to go by the actual image number. Note that the "Origins" link will open in a new window or tab when you click it.

19:35 EST
Alright.. there's no files put up this time, but I did just add two wallpapers into the wallpapers section. You'll find them at the bottom of the Wallpapers page. Just click on Wallpapers in the left side navigation menu and scroll down through the thumbnails that pop up in the right frame when the page loads. Thumbnails are labelled for what size the image is, so just click the one for the resolution you want on the wallpaper.

On an additional note, I've cut a lot of the older updates off of this page. For those that still want to listen to my useless babbling, they can find the old updates in the Archives section to the left in the navigation menu. :p But I thought this page was getting to be too cluttered and such, so I split the updates into the main one here, and then the archives page.

17:20 EST
It's been kind of a while since I've added anything to the site, I know. But there is a new freebie up. It's a texture set for the Arkana clothing from Renderosity. Click on 'Clothing' in the left hand side navigation menu. It'll be the last thumbnail at the bottom of the page that loads from there. It's a fairly large package in terms of options and the number of MAT files, but you do need to have the Arkana clothing set to use it.

17:00 EST
Okay, there's another freebie just uploaded to the site. It's the second texture package for AerySoul's Justice armour set available through their store on Renderosity. It's a fairly large file, so like with the White-Gold set, if the file is too big for you to download in one chunk, just send me a note or a pm or an email or something and let me know you're having trouble getting it all and I'll be glad to send it to you in smaller, more manageable chunks if it's neccessary.

Other things still in the works - working on the last set of Despair poses, intended to be for the Freak, and working on another type of pose set with a different 'theme' than the previous series as well at the moment. Other than that, I still have to get the Studio version of the Room and Door prop put together and uploaded, as well as a few other minor things I've got in the works. I'll also be mirroring Jamminwolfie's downloads soon, I just have to get the navigation menu to the side updated and edited and the pages coded.. still playing around with how I want to do that. LOL

18:00 EST
Alrighty folks. There's another set of clothing textures uploaded to the site. It's a set of textures for the T-Shirt from the M3 Everyday Wear 2 pack over on Daz. You do need the clothing pack and M3 in order to make use of it. Access via the 'Clothing' link in the left hand side navmenu. It'll be right in there with the rest of the thumbnails.

03:25 EST
I should probably start considering making an archival page for the updates posted on this page at this point. It's just ocurred to me that the updates page here is rather lengthy to scroll through to the bottom. LOL Anyway - there's been a few things added to the site in the last couple of days. I added a set of textures for the pants in the M3 Everyday Wear set, and I added another set of Despair poses, this time for Victoria 4 as well. The pants textures can be gotten to by clicking on 'Clothing', and the Despair poses can be found by clicking on 'Poses' to the left in the navigation menu as well.

In addition to that, I've also just uploaded a Despair set for The GIRL figure as well. I'm working on one last set of Despair poses for the FREAK, and then I am going to call that series as done and move on to the next theme. LOL!! Other than that, there's also another texture set in the works for AerySoul's Justice armour, and that will be on a red/black colour scheme, but I'm a bit away from having it ready to upload yet.

So! Click on 'Poses' in the left hand navmenu, and you'll find the GIRL's contribution to the Despair series. :)

12:50 EST
Okay, so I'm up way past my bedtime. LOL It's just shy of 13:00 here. LMAO Aaaaanyway. I've added a texture set for Aery Soul's Elven Strapped freebie clothing to my downloads. Get to it via the 'Clothing' link in the navmenu to your left side. It'll be right there next to the White-Gold set for Justice. Have fun!

18:00 EST
Alright... I've only added one freebie in this update. There's a good reason for that. That's because it's a clothing texture set for AerySoul's Justice armour package for Victoria 4. It's been tested in both Poser7 and DazStudio and seems to work fine in both, but please note that Studio seems to render the gold colour as much darker than Poser. Studio almost seems to render it out as a sort of brown instead of gold. Maybe it was my lighting in Studio. Ah, well. Anyway! You can get to it by clicking on the 'Clothing' link in the navmenu to your left hand side. It'll be the last thumbnail on that page, at the very bottom.
22:18 EST
Alrighty then.. there's another freebie available. It's in the props section in the left hand navigation menu. It's a room & door type of prop; completely enclosed structure, with two different texture sets for it. It also has some light and camera presets included. It'll be the last thumbnail on my props page.

20:00 EST
Hello, there's finally somethign in the Tutorials section after all this time! It's just a simple, basic tutorial on how to do a transparency map. You can get to it by clicking on 'Tutorials' in the navmenu to the left hand side of the website. It'll be the only thumbnail in the section. It's in both MS Word format as well as plain text format. Sorry, I can't do PDF files, and I don't have PowerPoint or Excel. The MS Word format has some reference images included with it to help out.

I've also started to work on the galleries - at the moment I've only got the first General Galleries complete, and I've got the first section of the Retrograde gallery complete. Origins is untouched as of yet... that I'm still deciding on how to do the layout and format. LOL

Other things in the works : Despair poses for Victoria 4, the Freak, and the Girl... some more light sets, a double bladed spear prop... etc... LOL.

10:25 EST
Okay, so I've not gone to bed yet today. LOL Oh well. Anyway, there's a new freebie available. Her name is Rae'fynn Amolyn, and she's a character morphs & poses package for Victoria 4. Click on 'Characters' in the left hand navmenu to get to her. She'll be the last thumbnail on the page there. You need V4 and the Morphs++ packs installed in order to use her. No textures included with her, sorry.
18:20 EST
There's another freebie available. Yes, it's another set of poses. This time for Stephanie Petite over on Daz. It's part of the Despair series. Like the others, many of the poses there are unique to this set - these are not simply conversions between one figure and another. They might share a pose or two between each other, but the bulk of the poses in EACH specific 'Despair' pose set, is unique unto itself. :) Have fun. Access via the 'Poses' menu option on the left hand side.

20:00 EST
Added another pose package tonight. It's for Victoria 4, and can be found in the 'Poses' section of the navmenu at the left hand side of the website. You can thank Jamminwolfie for making his request - the poses are converted from the pack I uploaded last night for use with Kirwyn's "K." There's some small differences between a couple of the poses, but nothing too much, I don't think. V4 and K simply do not bend the same way. ;)

22:00 EST
Alrighty, then... I've added a couple of things to the site between tonight and yesterday. There's a set of Poses for Kirwyn's "K" figure in the poses section, and a very simple floor type of prop over in the props section. Access is via the sitenav to the left hand side under the 'Freebies' category. Have fun...

02:55 EST

Alright, folks. I know it's been kind of a while since I added anything new to the site, but I've finally got a new freebie available. It's another of the Despair pose sets - this time for Apollo Maximus. Same sort of deal as the others - the poses are specific to just this set, but there's ten full body and then a bunch of partial-body poses to go with it. Have fun, any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask. And make sure you download the correct version!

02:30 EST
There is a new freebie available now. It's a toybox for the poser children. You can get it in the 'Props' section in my sitenav on the left. Comes with one texture. It will work in Poser 4 and up, has both PNG and RSR thumbnails as well as the templates for those of you who like to do your own textures.

21:10 EST
Military funerals are HARD, dammit. The second Taps starts playing all composure is GONE. At least for me. I can hold it together through the viewing, the funeral services, even the flag folding. But as soon as Taps starts, you might as well stick me in a corner, because I'm useless to do anything but cry at that point.

Anyway. That said... I suppose that's what sent me into Wings this afternoon. And why I wound up coming out of it with a casket prop instead of what I'd intended to come out of it with (kid's toybox prop). I'll get it up on the site shortly. I'm also adding the 2nd trash can prop as well as a texture for my first trash can to the site tonight.

23:30 EST
Alrighty then! LOL, there's yet another freebie available. :) This time it's a low-poly model of a trash can. The big, boxy type like what you would find in a McDonald's or some other such public place or area. No textures for it yet, I'll work on those pretty soon here. :) You'll find it in the 'Props' section on the sitenav to the left hand side. It's good as background filler, but it does NOT render well in close-up, I'm sorry!

02:30 EST
New freebie now available. It's a set of textures, they look kind of like stucco, for use on walls, floors, etc. You can find it in the 'Misc. Textures' section in the left-hand side on the navigation menu. 25 textures, 1 bump map, 35 material room presets are also included for poser 5+ users.

00:30 EST
...This is for the Soldiers...

This isn't an update for freebies or downloads being available. There's a new button on this update page. Artists have, for most of humanity's history, had a lot of input to give and express during times of war. This time is no different. I do not normally go on about real-world issues in venues like this, but this is, I feel, important to get the word out there. You don't have to do anything but sign the petition. There are no unwounded soldiers in war. None. They may not get hurt physically, but they never come back the same as when they left, and like it or not, they need more care sometimes after they've come home than they did while they were in the field. PTSD is a big issue, flashbacks, nightmares, high stress levels, hyperalertness, hypersensitivity, emotional distress and instability just to name a few. When they come home, they need just as much support as when they are in the field.

Too many people often forget that.

The button will bring you to a site. Note that it WILL begin auto-playing a video and music. Just so that you are aware of that. I'm not a big fan of metal bands at all, but in this case, Drowning Pool is doing the right thing. Sign the petition if you feel the gumption to do so. And if you don't... ask yourself why. I won't force you, no one can force you. The choice is up to you. This might be an art-related site, and many may use this venue of artistic expression as a way to get away from the real world and real life, but sometimes art and politics, art and war, walk the same path, or at least share the same space.

For me... this is the case. For you, it might be different, but regardless of that fact, the button is there at the bottom of my page, and it will remain there for the unforseeable future. You don't have to agree with the war to recognize that the soldiers are very often simply following orders and to support them. They aren't the ones causing the war. They're just the ones fighting in it and bleeding for the war, regardless of which nation's armed forces they belong to, they deserve the support for doing so.

I'm done. Have a good night.

15:40 EST
New freebie available. It's a set of white coloured lights for use in Poser 4 or higher. You can get it through the Lights subcategory on the sitenav to the left. It is not tested in Daz Studio and I do not support Daz Studio, so I make no guarentees how well it will or will not work in D/S, though you can always try it, I suppose.

22:00 EST
There's two new wallpapers available for download. You can find them in the desktop wallpapers section in the sitenav on the left hand side. They'll be the last two at the bottom. Just click the thumbnail size that you need and then right click-save as and you can set it on your desktop as the wallpaper background. This one is Vincent and his little sister Caris as she is in the current timeline... they'd be 19 and 7 years old respectively in this time period. :)

21:45 EST
Finally uploaded the last of the transmapped styles for the C.I.S. Operative trench coat for M3. It's a sleeveless full length coat with a split tail in the back. Same colours as the other styles, 8 total, plus materials and MAT poses for application. :) Needs M3, the C.I.S. Operative pack, and Poser 5 or higher due to procedural textures being used for the colour options. :) You can find it via the 'Clothing' subcategory in the left-hand navmenu on the side.

I'm still working on the Despair series of poses also. I have to do the pack for V4 yet, and I may try to do one for Apollo as well. We'll see. :) There's also some other things in the works, but nothing that's near ready to get uploaded for use just yet.

0810 EST
Alrighty then! I've got the fifth of six trench coat styles put up for the coat in the C.I.S. Operative set for M3. The clothing set is available on DAZ, and the transmapped style is accessible here via the 'Clothing' subcategory on the left side sitenav. I've still got one more style to pack up and get uploaded yet before this series is done, but I will do that tonight. And now, this night-owl is going to bed. ^_^

23:00 EST
New freebie available. It's a very small pose package for the Sanctum Art Phenotype Havoc. The poses are along a sort of 'attack' theme, there's just six of them and a zero'ing pose. You can get it through the Poses category on the left-hand Navmenu of the site. Still working on packaging up the other two trench coat styles, and after that, we'll see what happens to spring out at me. :)

21:53 EST
New character available in my freebies. Her name is Caris, and she's a morphs-only package for Victoria 4.1 with some bonus full body poses included. Click the 'Characters' sub-section to the left to find her.

Took a small break from the trench coat styles to work on these two characters. :) Going to get the last two trench coat styles packaged and uploaded in the next day or so. After that, we'll see. =)

02:45 EST
New freebie available. John Grey-Crow. Like most of my characters, he is morphs-only, no textures, for M3. You can get him from the 'Characters' section on the Navmenu to the left.

01:40 EST
Alrighty then. Got the next set of Despair poses uploaded. You'll find them in the Pose subsection in the Navmenu. This set is for the David3 figure. I'm working on a set for V4 as well as Apollo Maximus as well. Like the others, the poses in this pack are NOT simply duplicates of the other packs, though they may share one or two here and there with the others. Still working on packaging up the remaining two styles for the Daz C.I.S. Operative Trench Coat as well.

01:45 EST
New freebie available again. Fourth in the group of six transmapped packages for the Daz CIS Operative trench coat. Click on the 'Clothing' sub-category in the Navmenu to get to it. Requires M3, the CIS pack, and Poser 5 or better due to the usage of procedural materials for the textures.

12:35 EST
New freebie available. It's a 16-pointed star base prop type of thing, and it can be picked up right in the 'Props' subsection. Base texture and bump map, as well as a blank texture for those of you who prefer to make your own. I'm still working on the next set of Despair poses, and also in the process of packaging up the other three sets of trench coat styles for M3 as well.

15:30 EST
Uploaded the next style for the C.I.S. Trenchcoat. It's a half-sleeved, three quarter length split-tailed style. Same setup as the other one. Eight materials, eight MAT poses for application, and one transmap. Fairly small file, it's in the 'Clothing' subsection in the Navmenu on the left if you want it. Still working on the David3 poses pack at present as well as a new morph set for M3's face and body. I really wish I could draw skin textures. I'd SO release these morphs with textures. LOL

17:30 EST
I've uploaded another desktop wallpaper to the wallpapers section. Other than that, I'm still working on packaging up some of the various styles for the trenchcoat in the CIS Operative pack, and I'm working on another in the set of Despair poses - this time for David 3. Those aren't ready yet, but they will be within the next day or so.

02:12 EST
Next freebie is up for grabs. It's a long sleeved, short-coat style for the trench coat in the C.I.S. Operative pack over at Daz. 8 Colour mats plus a transparency map. You need M3, the CIS set, and Poser 5 or better to use these material poses. It is located in the 'Clothing' subsection in the Navmenu. This is the 2nd in a series of 6 total styles I'm going to be doing for the coat. Enjoy, and have fun with it. ^_^

Uploaded another desktop wallpaper image. It's in the 'Wallpapers' section to the left hand side. Last item listed under 'miscellaneous.' And yay! It's the first non-Vincent image I've done in, uhm.. well... months! ^_^

Maybe I should start putting hour markers with the dates on my updating, huh? Anyway, here's yet another update for today. LOL New freebie now available in the 'Characters' section. Her name is Leesee Pumiuqtuq, and she's for the V3 figure. You need V3, Poser4+, and the V3 morph packs to use her. Like Sophia, there's no textures with Leesee, just her morphs.

Alright, another upate, then. LOL Uploaded another freebie - this would be a sleeveless vest for the DAZ CIS Trench Coat. You need Poser 5+ and the CIS clothing set to use it. That can be found in the left navmenu - click on 'clothing' and it should be right there alongside the Ulu Parka. Have fun with it. ^_^

Uploaded a new freebie today. It's a face morph for Daz Michael 3, and you can find him in the 'Characters' section in the left hand navmenu for download.

Other things being worked on still : a morph package for Victoria 4, a pose package for Victoria 4, and a texture/transmap set for at the least, the coat out of the DAZ CIS set over on the Daz website. (It's a Platinum Club item - $2 USD if you're a Plat. Club member.)

Have fun, ya'll..

Alrighty then. ^_^ Got the Vic3 Despair poses packaged up and uploaded. You can find them right in the Poses section in the navigation menu to the left. Like the M3 and A3 sets, there is a Poser 4 version and a Poser 5+ version because I did include partial poses and wound up making use of the abiilty to sub-folder within the Runtime libraries that Poser5+ has. It helps to keep the stuff organized and to not have it all jumbled together in one messy folder, in my opinion. Just the same, I did include a version for P4 that does not have the sub folders, as P4 won't be able to find any of the files that way.

Added a few more wallpapers as well to the wallpaper section - again you find that in the left side nav menu under the Misc. sub-section, as they aren't really files meant for use within the Poser programmes. As an added note - I do NOT support Daz Studio. If you're using Daz Studio and download my files, please don't ask me how to make them work inside of D/S. To be truthfully honest, I have ZERO knowledge of Daz Studio, and am not qualified to help D/S users in this manner. So, I honestly do NOT know if the items in my Freebies will work for D/S users or not. And I can't make them work, as I do not use D/S myself. Sorry!

Added another item to the Miscellaneous Textures section. It's a set of 26 procedural textures/materials for use within Poser 5 or higher. If you have Poser 4, this file won't be usable for you, I'm sorry, as Poser 4 does NOT recognize or make use of procedural textures and materials. Almost done with the V3 Despair poses package as well.

Updated the site a bit more. I've added a few wallpaper images for free download and personal use. You can find those under the 'Misc' section of the navigation menu to the left. I may have a few more coming yet. We'll see.

Working on a Vic3 version of the Despair poses. Please note that the poses in each pack are unique, they are not just a conversion of the pose from one character to another. There may be some similar ones, etc, but they are not just a copy of the poses between each other. They simply are all in the same general 'emotional' state.

I also updated both the 'Contact' and 'About' pages of the site. They were both horribly out of date, and had some inaccurate/no longer applicable data on them. So! They've been edited and updated to reflect the current! ^_^

Updated - there are now links to Project Retrograde, and Origins, in the navigation menu on the left hand side. These pages at the moment will lead to a page not found error - I've not yet built those gallery pages. But I am working on them. They will have images in them soon enough. An explanation of what Retrograde and Origins are will appear in the gallery main pages for those sections when I have them up and coded and all that fun stuff. Until then you'll just get a big fat 404 page not found if you try to access them.

Added new freebies to my Poses section. Click on Poses from the left-hand navigation menu and you'll see them. Note that there are two versions of each - one is for Poser4 users, the other is for Poser5 and up users. If you are a P4 user, make sure you download the P4 version - otherwise you will have to manually move all the pose files into one folder, as P4 does not recognize subfolders the way Poser5+ does and won't be able to find the poses.

There are a couple of other projects I'm working on. Mainly the Despair poses sets are going to be something of a series, I guess. I'm planning to do a set for each major figure, and the poses in one set are not neccessarily going to be identical to the ones in other sets. So dont' think just because you've downloaded the Aiko3 set that the V3 ones soon to be released will be the same - they are not.

Aside from that, I've finally gotten around to starting to play with the Victoria 4 figure, and I'll have some poses coming out for her in the Despair sets as well. I'm also working on a character, but I have to figure out how to save the morphs as a pose file so that I can distribute them. I am NOT planning a skin texture to go with those morphs at this time. There are texture artists out there that are much better than I can ever hope to be, so pick your own texture - Caris will be ONLY the morphs, like Sophia was.

I've also updated the navigation menu to the left to reflect what's actually here and what isn't. In addition to that, I've fixed the broken links that were in Gallery 12 of my main Poser gallery. I'll be adding more gallery pages soon, most likely. Unfortunately the galleries I have here are not up to date with my posts to Deviant Art or Renderosity. There will probably be two more gallery links posted to the navigation menu before I'm done, as a lot of the newer stuff is related to Retrograde, Origins, or just plain Vincent.

The only other addition that will be coming up soon, is probably some more webset layouts, and some free-use Wallpaper images and the like. I can't promise when or how many of these will get put up, but there are a few of them in the works.

Finally getting around to working on this again! Added Gallery Ten of my Poser galleries. Still nothing in the Photography or Terragen galleries. I may just remove them altogether. I don't produce enough works to really warrant having pages for them on the website.

Projects that I'm currently working on... well, there aren't many right now. I've been dried up creatively for a while and have only recently managed to get past the block. I've got a sci-fi type of texture set coming for the SP3 Cygnus-X Sci-Pirate from Daz. I'm still fighting with the MAT Poses. The MATs for the prop file parts of the outfit DO NOT want to seem to work. :( Once I can get that sorted, I'll have it ready for upload, though.

Forum is going to be removed. I don't need it, you don't need it, there's plenty of ways to contact me, and thusly it's just taking up more space in the sidebar and on my server that I don't need it to be taking up, since it's not used anyway.

Another update. I have the first six of the Poser galleries up, running and functional. Please bear with me on the rest of the galleries. They are not yet fully coded and you may run into 404's and the like in any gallery up above number six until further notice.

Terragen and Photography galleries are as yet totally untouched. They will only give you a 404 error.

Still coding on this, so no worries. Thanks for understanding ...

Yay! Update ! All my freebies are officially 'up'; I'm working on a few new ones as well, so hang tight. :)

I should be getting the galleries up (hopefully) within the next couple of months. :)

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