.:: Liung Textures for Michael 4 ::.

Liung for Michael 4

Liung Textures M4

.:: Description ::.
This package contains the textures that goes with my Liung morph for Mike-4.
Unicornst was kind enough to create the texture set.
There is an option to have an arm scar, or no scar.
The Daz Studio MAT files were done by Fisty, the Poser MAT files were done by me.

What's included, all told :

2 Eye Textures
2 Limbs Textures (one with an arm scar, one without the scar)
1 Genital Texture
1 Head Texture
1 Torso Texture
Displacement and Bump and Transparency maps
Poser MAT files
Daz Studio MAT files

Artist : Unicornst
Added: 6.12.2009
Type: Characters, Textures (PZ2, PNG, JPG)
Requires: Michael 4.0 Base
Size : 15.8 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.