.:: Winter MARPAT Camo Bundle ::.

Winter MARPAT Camo Bundle

.:: Description ::.
This is a bundle package. It has all five of the winter camo textures in it.
There are textures here for the two Shadowdancer sets (male and female),
The A3/SP3 Nomads Desolation Earth, the Daz Modern Desert Warrior,
And the Poserworld U.S. Military clothing.

It's double zipped - by that I mean when you open the zip file,
There will be five individual zip files inside of it, for each
of the texture packages. You need to extract those to a folder,
and then you can install the textures from there.

This is put up for convenience - for those of you who might have
all of the outfits I textured, and want the camo for all of them,
you can get it with a single download here, instead of having to
load up five different pages and download five different files.

Added: 20.12.2009
Type: Texture Poses (PZ2, PNG, JPG)
Requires: Poserworld U.S. Military Clothing,
Shadowdancer Male, Shadowdancer Female,
Daz Modern Desert Soldier, SP3/A3 Nomads Desolation Earth
Size : 21.6 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.