.:: My Legal Terms ::.

Alright, guys. I'm doing my best to keep the legal terms of my Readme files more or less exact... but I'm going to put this up here to avoid any possible questions/concerns/etc. In legal terms... this statement here will override any of my OLDER read-me files (Defined as anything dated prior to 06.05.2008) as far as legal terms of use.

What I have up here for download (with exception of the Wallpapers section) is free to download and use for personal use.

For commercial use, you MUST contact me directly (and my contact information is easily obtainable), and if used in a commercial manner, you MUST include credit and a link to my website. You MAY post commercial renders with my content (provided you are not trying to SELL my content). You may NOT redistribute any of my original content. If you are posting renders or working with game engines, my objects and texture maps MUST NOT be extractable in any way by an end-user, and you MUST contact me for permission first. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Second Life users : I'm sorry, but at this time I DO NOT ALLOW the use of ANY of my content in ANY way with Second Life. They are legally able to steal, sell, and make money off of other artists' hard work, without being required to acknowledge or split that profit with the artists. I do not allow any of my content to be used in Second Life for this reason, and that is not likely to change anytime soon.

DO NOT distribute, give away, include in collection files, and DO NOT attempt to sell anything I've put up here for download. These things are made to be free, and they will remain that way. If you have made your own add-ons, these are fine for you to distribute, as any textures etc you make, are of course, your own intellectual property. What I don't want, is to find my own texture maps, or my raw files being distributed by others. Please link people to my website instead. If there's something of mine you want to share with someone, and can't find it on my website for whatever reason, then contact me directly about it.

In terms of the desktop wallpapers - they are free to download to your personal or work machine(s), however many you may have. What you may NOT DO with them is give them to others (send them here to get the wallpaper instead, please), and you MAY NOT in any way shape or form produce a copy, or upload, duplicate, replicate, print, etc these wallpapers. This INCLUDES things like the infamous Photobucket and Pinterest... do NOT post them etc. Period. There is no negotiation on this, in regards to the wallpapers. These images are my artwork, and I do not mind sharing them with the general public, but I will not accept other people making money off of my creativity and hard work.