.:: 10 Poses For Kirwyn's "K" Figure ::.

Kirwyn's K Pose Pack 01

.:: Description ::.
This is a small set of poses for Kirwyn's "K" figure. She's a freebie and can be found Here.

For me, this is a very small package. There's 10 full poses, and one zero'ing pose. But there are NO partial poses this time.
The poses are kind of generalized. All ten can be seen in the promo image above.


When using these poses you MUST make certain that Inverse Kinematics for the Left Foot,
and Right Foot, DO NOT have a checkmark next to them, BEFORE applying the poses!!
Failure to do this WILL CAUSE distortion and mesh rips in the figure's shins and feet!!

Added: 21.04.2008
Type: Poses (PZ2, PNG, RSR
Requires: Kirwyn's "K"
Size : 182 kbs
Series : No

Download Here.