.:: Hair Textures ::.

These are hair textures. If you have Poser 4 or better, you should be fine. I tend to work almost exclusively with Kozaburo hair objects, so you'll find that most of the hair textures that go up here will be for one of his many wonderful hair objects.

Where possible, I've tried to break the download into parts to make it it easier for those on dialup to get the file.If you are having trouble getting the download for whatever reason, contact me and we'll work something out.

If you're having trouble getting a particular download for some reason, contact me and we'll figure something out to get it to you. Forums, e-mail, or PM's are all good ways to get ahold of me.

Koz Long Hair
Kozaburo's Messy Hair Kozaburo's Short Hair Evolution
Kozaburo's Kyoko Hair MK3
Koz's Pony-V