.:: Tutorial : Using the GenX Plugin For DazStudio ::.

Tutorial : Using The GenX Plugin for DazStudio

.:: Description ::.
This is a tutorial for using the GenX plugin for DazStudio.
You'll need DazStudio, the GenX plugin, and whatever add-ons needed for your desired figures to convert to and from.

Included is the following :
-- Performing a .cr2 export.
-- Converting from Gen3/Gen4 figures to Genesis or the G2's.
-- Converting from Genesis to the G2's.
-- Converting from the G2's to Genesis.
-- Converting individual morph dials from one figure to another.

The tutorial comes in two formats :
1.) A written .rtf file (very long - take at your own pace!)
2.) Numbered screenshot .jpg images (for the very basics only, or the visual learners)

Added: 10.11.2015
Type: Tutorial
Requires: DazStudio, GenX plugin, any needed add-on packs.
Size : 5.85 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.