.:: Spirit of Despair For Aiko 3 (Poser 4 Version) ::.

Spirit of Despair

Spirit of Despair
Spirit of Despair
Spirit of Despair
Spirit of Despair

.:: Description ::.
This is a set of full body and partial body poses for A3 from Daz. I'd wager you can make them work with any humanoid figure, though.

This is a different set of poses from the M3 package I put up recently.
While you will see a couple of identical poses, the poses in this package are NOT simply a conversion of the ones from the M3.
Many of them are specifically new to JUST this package.

NOTE : I realize there are some mesh rips and flattening of the thighs in some of these poses. I apologize for that.
I have not worked with the A3 figure a whole lot, and I found through doing this package, that by and large,
she simply DOES NOT BEND WELL when posing in some of the more extreme bends such as what this package uses.

There is nothing I know to do about this. I tried every trick in the book with the poses to avoid this.
It simply is NOT possible that I can see, without postworking those trouble spots after rendering the image.

(Which I did not do in the promo images because I do not believe in 'making nice' those spots in a promo -
you should be able to see EXACTLY what you're getting in a promo image, in my opinion.
This package comes with some flaws, and is a 'what you see is what you get' - it's as simple as that.)

31 total poses - 10 full body, 10 upper body, 10 lower body, and 1 zero'd pose.

PLEASE NOTE : This is the Poser 4 version.
Poser 5 users should download the P5-specific version found in my downloads section.

Added: 31.12.2007
Type: Poses (PZ2, RSR)
Requires: N/A
Size : 447 kbs
Series : No

Download Here.