.:: Childe of Fyre's Store Items ::.

The files on this page are sold by me, through HiveWire 3D.

There is no categorization of the products on this page. This is simply the page I use to display all of my for-sale products, so anything I have for sale is located in the thumbnails here, in no particular order. If I ever get truly established as a vendor, and need to do some further categorizing of products on this page, then I will address it at that time. For the present, newer items will be located at the bottom of the list.

At the moment, I am still in-transit for moving items from ContentParadise over to HiveWire. I have not removed the links or thumbnails from this page, because I, frankly, need them so that I have something of an organized list that I can check off items as they're done. Eventually, the thumbnails down below will accurately show ONLY the stuff I have for sale on HiveWire. At the moment, they are all broken links - my apologies for any inconvenience that may cause.

Thanks for your understanding - bear with me while this page is in flux, and I'll get it sorted out eventually. Sorry!

My main storefront at HiveWire 3D can be located Right Here. (Link opens in a new window.)