.:: COF Earthen - A Merchant Resource ::.

COF Earthen : A Merchant Resource

.:: Description ::.
This is a small pack of texture resources for use in texturing projects. These may be used in either free or commercial projects.
Credit is not required, but please don't include these files in a similar product or item (including shader packs).

- 1 brick and mortar
(from the upper section of my basement/foundation wall)

- 1 rough stone wall (from the lower section of my basement/foundation wall.)
-- A little historical note on this stone --
The large stones that make up the lower section of this wall were transported from one of the nearby old Erie Canal locks.
Many homes, businesses, etc in my area contain these in their foundations.
They would move them from the old lock and build foundations, then build the structure on top of it.
Like those buildings, these were also used for the foundation of my home as well.

- 1 patch of the pebbled and steel reinforced concrete from the retaining wall outside the back of my house.

- 3 patches of wood from a picnic bench outside of a local mom-and-pop general store.
One shows part of the slats, one contains a knot in it, and the other one is just the flat wood without the knot.


The seamless version of the textures are shown on DS primitive shapes in the promo, with bump and normal maps loaded.
I did NOT include bumps or normals for the raw photos.
My logic on that is quite simple :
Those who know how and are able to work with the raw photos can most likely make their own bumps and normals.
They do not need mine to do it with.
I included the bumps and normals for the convenience of those who prefer to work with seamless tiles rather than the raw photographs.

Included Files :

- 6 Raw Photos
- 6 Seamless Tiles
- 6 Matching Bump Maps (for seamless tiles only)
- 6 Matching Normal Maps (for seamless tiles only)

- Please read the read-me file that is included for complete terms of use!
- Sorry, but I do NOT allow any of my content to be used in SecondLife.
- Yes, freebies can be made from these files (as part of a UVmap).
- Yes, for-sale items can be made from these files (as part of a UVmap).

Added: 11.10.2015
Type: Textures (JPG : texture, bump, normal maps)
Requires: Any image editor software
Size : 5.35 mbs
Series : No

Download Here.