.:: Sleeveless Vest for the DAZ CIS Trench Coat ::.

Sleeveless Vest For CIS Trench Coat

Sleevless Vest Preview

.:: Description ::.
This will turn the Daz CIS Trench Coat into a sleeveless vest for your Michael 3.
There are 7 Colour Poses, 1 Transmap, 7 Procedural Textures, included in this item.

PNG, MC6, and PZ2 files all included. Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
View the 2nd promo for the other colours in the package.

PLEASE NOTE : This product REQUIRES Poser 5 or better - it uses procedural textures.

Added: 08.01.2008
Type: Poses (PZ2, PNG, MC6)
Requires: M3, DAZ CIS Clothing Set, Poser 5, 6, or 7
Size : 237 kbs
Series : Yes. 1 of 6

Download Here.