.:: The Action Pose Project ::.

The files on this page are copyright and property of Black Spartan. They are not my work. So any questions, comments, etc, about these files you would need to direct to Black Spartan. Unless you find a broken download link. Then please drop me a PM either on Daz forums or in the R'osity galleries, or even an E-Mail and let me know which link doesn't work as I'd have to fix that. :)

Aiko 3 Action Pose Kit
AEON Ferret Action Pose Kit
David 3 Action Pose Kit
Hiro 3 Action Pose Kit
TAPP Action Poses for the FREAK
TAPP Poses for Sara
TAPP Poses for Jessi G2
TAPP Poses for M3
TAPP Poses for Simon G2
TAPP Poses for Spuggles
Action Pose Kit for V4
TAPP Poses for Kururu
TAPP Poses for Victoria 3
TAPP Poses for Sadie

.:: TAPP Tutorials ::.

The file below is a tutorial written for animating poses. It is in .PDF format, so you'll need a programme that can read and open PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is good for this, so is Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader can be found Right Here. Foxit Reader is also a free programme to download and use.

V3 Animation Basics