.:: About Me ::.

I started fiddling with graphics back around 1998/1999, due to roleplaying I was into and wanting to start using graphical signatures for my characters. That branched into Poser4 by 2002. I stayed with Poser up until late 2013, when my old fossil of a desktop just could no longer handle it. By then Daz had released DS 4, and for the first time, I was able to work within the interface they had built. By that time, my old fossil could only function within DS, and I ended up using it full time until that old desktop finally died. I've fully migrated to Daz Studio at this point, and only really make use of Poser for content support purposes. I am a 3Delight artist only; I do not work in Iray as I do everything from a laptop, and it does not have an Nvidia GPU in it.

I started making textures for things like hair objects and simple props, then I made Rune back around July of 2003 or so, and I've been heavily into creating content ever since. I started to delve into the modeling arena around 2004, and have been trying to improve there as well, though I find that more often than not trying to model is akin to bashing my head into a brick wall. -_- As a result, my mesh model releases are rather few and far between, though these days with Blender, I do manage a small object here or there that is good enough in quality to release.

I do a lot of freebie packages in general, but I do work in binges. I go through dry spells and then I go through spells where the production is almost manic in level. So, if you don't see anything from me for a while - don't worry, I'm just in a dry spell. It'll come back! It always does. And with a vengence.

I am most active as far as posting my art on Deviant Art. I also post both messages and my artwork regularly to HiveWire. I do have a Renderosity gallery, but I emptied the whole gallery out some time ago, and I only really post very sparingly over there even now. My primary gallery really is DeviantArt, followed by HiveWire, and my freebies are usually announced via HiveWire's forums, and my DeviantArt gallery.

Beyond the graphical work, I do a lot of writing and roleplaying outside of the 3D community, with a group of people that I've written along-side of for, in some cases, over 10 years now. ^.^ Dungeons and Dragons, X-Men fanfic-styled writing, mutant/metahuman genre, etc. I don't do as much in the fantasy genre as I once did. My love for RP'ing has fallen to the mutant and cyber fantasy areas and I enjoy those much moreso than I do the fantasy stuff these days.

I've been writing for years, starting in elementary school, and it continued on up through both Junior High and High School... I've never stopped writing. It's in the blood. :D I also performed for years with the school's marching band, I still own both my western silver flute and a Native flute, my clarinet, and I do also a little bit of trombone, native hand drum, and the Chinese dizi flute.

Aside from that, I do also crochet, dabble a tiny bit into knitting (it still makes my brain explode!), and I do a large assortment of other crafts; jewelry making, leatherworking, some limited carpentry, as well as herbal medicine, gardening, and wildcrafting. I have a teenaged autistic girl that my world pretty much revolves around, and a cranky ol' Bear that keeps me from disappearing into the woods for TOO long. :) We're crazy, and at times too hectic to breathe, but it's a good crazy most of the time. So, if you wondered part of why I seem to work in waterfall rushes of activity, followed by a deserted land of nothingness, that would certainly be part of the reason! I always come back, but I definitely do work in manic periods of high activity followed by equal periods of dry spells.